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Advisor Retention & Training

     First presented in 1997, NACURH's Advisor Retention & Training program, ART, is a unique certification program offered by student affairs practitioners associated with NACURH, Inc designed to help develop current and future advisors to build their skills, network, and foster growth on their campuses to better support residential student leaders.

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     ART currently consists of a 29 session curriculum, covering a variety of topics that you can explore during a virtual training, at the NACURH Annual or a Regional conference near you! The ART program has experiential requirements that will enable you to apply what you have learned in the "classroom", to what you will encounter as an advisor. Advance through the levels by attending all the sessions and completing the necessary experiential requirements.

Upcoming ART Sessions

NACURH Centralized Sessions 2022-2023_Spring 2023_Updated.png
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