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     Affiliation is a key part of the NACURH experience, by affiliating you gain access to a network of peers who are working every day to improve the experience of residents on their campuses just as you are. In addition to a network you gain access to an exclusive RHA and NRHH constitution library where you can benchmark and develop your own plans for change. Affiliated institutions also earn member-pricing at all regional and national conferences, voting and speaking rights in NACURH business spaces and the opportunity to involve your students at different levels of student leadership within the corporation. 

     As one of the largest student run corporations in the united states we strive to create developmental opportunities that not only grow your leadership skills but give you unique experiences that help you find who you may be.

Ready to Affiliate?

     We are so excited to have you join our network! Before you submit the affiliation form, we encourage you to review our 2023-2024 Affiliation Guide. That will walk you through the steps to completing the forms and explain the different membership levels and their associated costs. 

     If you still want to learn more, check out our "What Is NACURH" video below.

Why Affiliate?

  • Member pricing at regional and national conferences

  • Voting rights in business spaces

  • Easy networking with fellow institutions, RHAs, and NRHH chapters

  • Access to NACURH databases

  • Ability to submit and win award bids regionally and nationally

  • Access to NACURH's corporate partner benefits

  • Access to NACURH's Of The Month "OTM" service

  • RHAs will receive 4 Bronze Link pins

  • All NRHH Chapters receive 4 NRHH Bronze Diamond pins, and new NRHH chapters will recieve 5 New Member pins

Once You're Ready

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