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Art History

1997 | Georgia Tech University

Advisor Recognition and Training was developed through competencies created by Norbert Dunkel and J. Diane Porter. The competencies served as the foundation for the instructional components of the ART program. 

ART was first implemented at the SAACURH regional conference. 

2002 | SAACURH Regional Conference

Advisors gathered to discuss the development of the "Master ART Track"

2007 | Review of ART

At NACURH 2008, Associate Directors and Regional Advisors for each region coordinated an overhaul of the documents and materials used in ART. 

2012 | Advisor Survey

The "Role of the Advisor" Survey was sent out to advisors and students across NACURH. This survey led to the revision of the "Role of Advisor" chart created by Dunkel and Spencer in 1998.


ART was renamed to Advisor Resource Training and the program became officially endorsed by NACURH. 

2018 | ART Expands its Resources

The ART logo is once again updated to align with the NACURH visual style. The ART Strategic Planning subcommittee was founded to develop the first ART Strategic Plan. The Art Database was developed by committee member Adam Bernot.

2021 | ART Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024

The ART History document was created to track program milestones. Virtual ART level 1 and 2 sessions begin.

At the NACURH 2021 Annual Conference legislation was presented that changed several key components of ART:

  • ART was renamed to Advisor Retention and Training

  • ART Chair/Coordinator was renamed ART consultant

  • ART vice chair was split into the ART Coordinators for Collaboration, Curriculum and Communication. 

The First year of the new Strategic Plan was underway with redevelopment of ARTs digital materials. ​


1999 | University of Wisconsin -

La Crosse

ART is presented for the first time at the NACURH Annual Conference. 

2003 | Master ART Implemented

The first "Master ART" tracks were implemented at NACURH 2003 in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

2011| ART Improvement

At the 2011 NACURH Annual Conference pre-conference meetings discussions were held about the need to enhance and redevelop the ART program. 

2013| New ART Structure

The first ART retreat was held and a draft was developed for a new structure of the program. Advisors from around NACURH were asked to help develop new sessions for recently created levels 1 and 2 of the program. Experiential requirements were added to the curriculum. 

2014| A New Brand

A new ART logo and brochure were created. ART sessions were held at the Annual Conference and those who completed levels 1, 2, and 3 were able to present regionally. 

2020| ART Visualization and COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the ART Standards Committee began updating and reconfiguring ART sessions to be presented virtually. The ART Committee was expanded and the ART Vice Chair role was first implemented. The second ART strategic plan began development. 

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