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NACURH Affiliation

This year, get ready to dive into NACURH!

    1. Check out our 2023-2024 Affiliation Guide for all of the info on pricing and the process.

    2. Have the advisor fill out the Insitutional Form letting us know about your institution and housing department.

    3. Once the Insitutional form has been submitted, if applicable, the RHA and NRHH Census Forms will be automatically sent out to the representatives' emails provided in the Insitutional form.

Completing Affiliation

After the Insitutional Form has been completed, you will be sent an automatically generated invoice. This invoice will need to be confirmed by the NACURH Corporate Office (NCO). Once you have recieved confirmation from the NCO, you can pay by credit card, check, or promisary note.

Paying with Card

  1. Go to the NACURH store.

  2. On the storefront is an ‘Affiliation Materials Category.’ Click on this.

  3. Within this category is a ‘2023-2024 Affiliation Fee’ item. Click on this.

  4. Input the amount confirmed on the invoice into the ‘Pay what you want’ box.

  5. Upload the invoice document with the same amount.

  6. Add this item to your cart.

  7. Check out through the store as usual.

Paying with Check/Promissory Note

Contact the NCO at

Have more questions? Check out our Affiliation FAQs.

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