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Dan Ocampo Academic Scholarship

The Dan Ocampo Academic Scholarship is named after Dan Ocampo who served as the NACURH Advisor from 2010 through 2018 and the 2006 Annual Conference Advisor. During his time in NACURH, he advised hundreds of students and mentored countless professionals. Dan’s guidance greatly influenced NACURH’s strategic planning and vision as well as the student support and engagement within the corporation. In 2018, NACURH created this scholarship in his name in honor of his continued advocacy and dedication to supporting students’ education. 

This scholarship is awarded annually and will provide up to $1,000 USD for the recipients’ academic expenses. This scholarship shall be awarded to individuals who come from underrepresented groups in higher education and demonstrate a clear commitment to their academic and collegiate experiences despite adversities they may have faced. Recipients must be planning to enroll in academic courses for the term following their selection. Member of NACURH Leadership are not eligible to receive the scholarship.

Applications for the Dan Ocampo Scholarship are due on May 15th at 11:59pm HST. 

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