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National Residence Hall Honorary

     The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a leadership-based organization comprised of exemplary residential students who value recognition and service. For nearly 60 years NRHH has supported student leadership, scholarship, service, and recognition initiatives at more than 300 institutions across North America by developing awards, service initiatives, and advocacy opportunities to further the mission of Empowering, Motivating, and Equipping that NACURH, Inc. takes on.

     As a service of NACURH, All affiliated institutions are eligible to host an NRHH Chapter on their campus. NRHH offers many services in conjunction with NACURH and its affiliates. The honorary leadership is made up of a NACURH NRHH Board of Directors (NNBD) with representation from each regional affiliate.      The NACURH Associate for NRHH (NAN), a member of the NACURH Executive Team, serves as the director of NRHH and represents NRHH in all NACURH matters. The NAN oversees the NNBd, the implementation of the NACURH-wide OTM program, and advocates for the needs of NRHH within NACURH. In addition to the NAN NRHH is supported by the NACURH Associate for Engagement who serves as Interim Director when needed and as a primary policy interpreter.  Lastly, the NNBD is supported by the NACURH NRHH Advisor who is a full-time professional staff member that supports the student executives and the mission of NRHH.

     As NACURH continues to seek out development opportunities for student leaders across the organization NRHH seeks to support that mission by creating service and recognition opportunities. 

Mission Statement

As an honorary, NRHH unites campus leaders who dedicate themselves to recognizing and serving inclusive communities.

Vision Statement

NRHH seeks to inspire and engage a lifelong commitment to the values of recognition and service in ever-changing university environments while fostering inclusion in their communities and practices.

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