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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NACURH?

NACURH, Inc. Is one of the largest student run corporations in the world with a mission to empower, motivate, and equip residential student leaders to make change on their campuses through transforamtive leadership conferences, idea sharing and advocacy. Serving institutions primarily in the United States NACURH has seen member institutions from Canada, and Mexico as well. To learn more about NACURH check out our About page. 

What does NACURH stand for?

NACURH stands for the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. Originally a union of the Intermountain Residence Hall Association and the Association of College and Universe Resident Halls NACURH was founded in in 1954 seeing nearly 70 years of pioneering student leadership. 

What are the NACURH regions?

NACURH is organized into eight regional affiliates: CAACURH, GLACURH, IACURH, MACURH, NEACURH, PACURH, SAACURH, and SWACURH. Those eight regions currently serve all 50 states and one Canadian Province. You can learn more about the regional affiliates and visit their websites here.

What opportunities do I have in NACURH?

In NACURH your possibilities are all but limitless! You can attend conferences, become a campus representative to your region and the national board, join regional or national leadership, sit on committees, submit award bids for recognition, host regional or annual conferences, or just about anything else you could think of doing! All you need to do is ask "what can I do?"

Why should I get involved in NACURH?

NACURH is a recognized corporation entirely student run. That means you could become the CEO of a real corporation while you're still in college! In addition to unique leadership positions NACURH aids students in a variety of ways:

  • Build facilitation skills

  • Strengthen networking and      communication skills

  • Learn budget management

  • Practice large even or conference planning

What conferences can I attend?

Every year NACURH holds 17 conferences: eight regional leadership conferences in the fall, eight regional business conferences in the spring, and one annual conference in the summer. This gives you countless opportunities to network, idea share, and build a community with like-minded students from all across the continent. If you want to learn more about conferences, check this page out. 

Don't see your question here? We're sorry about that, try emailing and they can help you get an answer for whatever you need!

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