In 1967, members of NACURH lobbied the United States Congress to designate a National Residence Hall Month. Although these student leaders were unsuccessful 54 years ago, NACURH and its affiliates have been celebrating residence halls through NACURH Residence Hall Month (NRHM) ever since.

NRHM has gone through many changes in its history, moving between at least three different months, having differently themed weeks, and more, but the heart of NRHM has been the same since its creation: to celebrate and recognize the role that residence halls play in student success.

To students living on-campus, residence halls provide more than simply a place to sleep. Residence halls are home to enriching programming, meaningful personal support, and a community not easily replicated. In short, residence halls are home to countless students at institutions of higher education across the globe.

During NRHM, NACURH recognizes four focus areas critical to the residence hall and student leadership experiences: Advocacy, Service, Leadership, and Recognition. Traditionally, each focus area is assigned a week during the month of November, giving direction to programming and initiatives that institutions coordinate for NRHM. This year, we’re taking that same concept and mission, and trying something new.


We are very excited to introduce you to NACURH Residence Hall Week (NRHW)!

Instead of a full month of programming and initiatives, we are focusing our efforts on one week, Monday through Friday. Each day of NRHW, as we’re calling it, we are celebrating one of the four focus areas: Advocacy, Service, Leadership, and Recognition. For the final day, knowing that some regions are entering conference weekend and some are eagerly preparing for conference later in the month, each school will show off their institutional, regional, or NACURH spirit.

This doesn’t mean that each school is expected to host a program every day! Instead, this guide introduces smaller ways that each student leader can personally connect with the daily focus whether passively or actively. Big or small, we see and value whatever level of participation you are able to give this year. We hope that this provides more options for our institutions still experiencing programing restrictions as a result of the pandemic as well.

Can’t celebrate with us? That’s okay! While we’re going to channel our energy to this specific week, these values are always prominent in our organization and can be recognized any day of the month (and year)! Don't forget to engage with our social media on Instagram and Facebook @NACURH, and use #NRHW2021! and #YOURREGION when you post. 

Questions? Contact Rae Gilmore at


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