NACURH Leadership

NACURH Leadership is a group of leaders made up of all members serving on the NACURH Executive Committee, NACURH Board of Directors, NACURH NRHH Board, Coordinating Officers, Regional Advisors, and Regional Leadership and Regional Business Conference Chairs. NACURH Leadership members work together to conduct business and further the goals of NACURH, Inc. as a whole.

NACURH Executive Committee

The NACURH Executive Committee is made up of the NACURH Chairperson, NACURH Associate for Operations, NACURH Associate for NRHH, and NACURH Associate for Engagement and the NACURH Advisor, NACURH NRHH Advisor, and Conference Resource Consultant. The Executive Committee works to represent, support, further NACURH, Inc. and guide initiatives and decision making on behalf of the corporation.

For region-specific questions, please contact your Regional Board of Directors or the Board of Directors from the respective region. Contact the NACURH Executive Committee for specific needs or concerns.


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