Conference Frequently Asked Questions


What conferences can I bid for?

  • Bid to host your region's Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) which is typically hosted in the fall semester, October - November. 

  • Bid to host your region's Regional Business Conference (RBC) or Spring Leadership Conference (SLC) which is typically hosted in the spring semester, February - March. 
  • Bid to host the NACURH Annual Conference which is typically hosted in following the spring semester, May - June. 


How do I know what a conference budget should look like or what it should include? 

  • Your regional Associate Director for Administration and Finance (ADAF) or the NACURH Conference Resource Consultant (CRC) can provide you with a budget template, available upon email request. 

Our institution does not have enough funding to start the conference, are loans available?

  • Per NACURH policy, for the NACURH Annual Conference, host institutions may request a loan of up to $5,000 USD from the NACURH Board of Directors to cover start-up expenses for the conference. A host institution has up to 120 days after being selected as the conference host to request a loan. The total amount loaned is due back to NACURH on the first day of the Annual Conference. 

  • For regional conferences, most regions do offer start-up loans for conferences. Please consult your regional policy book or ask your Regional Director and ADAF to confirm what your region does or does not offer.


Can our campus liability insurance policy cover our conference?

  • Yes, however, the policy must meet NACURH's requirements as determined by NACURH, and by approved by the CRC and other members of the NACURH Executive Committee. If the policy does not meet NACURH requirements, a special event policy will need to be purchased in order to host the conference.

Where can an insurance policy be purchased?

  • While NACURH currently does not have a formal relationship with any particular insurance company, Bene-Marc, located in Fort Worth, Texas, has insured many NACURH-affiliated conferences over the past several years and is well-versed in what should be included in policies that are intended to cover our conferences. Bene-Marc is also able to provide quotes. They can be reached at 800-247-1734. Specifically, Lisa Hall has written many of our policies in the past.

What will the insurance policy cost?

  • The cost of the insurance policy will vary depending on which conference it is intending to cover (RLC, RBC, SLC, or NACURH Annual Conference) and which region the conference will be hosted in.

How is the insurance policy paid for?

  • The cost of the insurance policy should be incorporated into the conference, and therefore ultimately paid for by the conference delegates. This is an allowable expense within the budget, as liability insurance policies are required of all conference host institutions to be able to host. 


Who should sign conference-related contacts? 

  • Any contract related to facilities and hotels, speakers, dining, or other conference items should be signed by a designated professional staff member at the conference host institution.


Am I able to review past conference bids and wrap up reports?

  • Yes! 

  • For regional conferences, please contact your Regional Director or designated Regional Board Member to obtain past bids and wrap up reports. 

  • For the NACURH Annual Conference, please contact the NACURH CRC at to obtain past bids and wrap up reports.


How do I start a guide for my conference?

  • NACURH has a contract with Guidebook, and purchases a premium guide for each of its conferences each year. 

  • For a conference staff to start building its guide, the student who will primarily be working with the guide should contact the NACURH CRC at with the email account they would like connected to their conference's guide. 

  • The CRC will then begin building the guide with preliminary information, such as the name of the conference and the conference dates, then add the given email account to the guide as an administrator so that person can continue building and editing. 


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