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NACURH Branding


     As a corporation, we seek to empower, motivate, and equip residential leaders for success, and so does our brand. We strive to communicate enthusiasm, inclusion, equity, and energy. The NACURH brand is vibrant, just like our vibrant regions, while we love our handy blues, we aren't afraid to add in the colors of our regions for variety and energy. 

     When in person we can't help but exclaim "Hey, NACURH!" and it's no different digitally. When we are drafting posts, sending newsletters, or hopping on a zoom call, the "Hey, NACURH" helps everyone focus on the space while getting excited for their chance to say it too. 

     Possibly most importantly, we strive to be equitable and inclusive in our design and writing, avoiding gendered terms, prioritizing people-first-language, and being transparent in all of our communications. We ask you to always avoid mixing and matching regions primary and secondary colors, not to distort regional or national logos and marks, and to always use a sans serif font in long test to aid with readability. We strive to ensure everything we create is as inclusive as possible, whenever as possible. 


Do you want to use NACURH marks or are working on a project for the corporation? Check out the One NACURH guide to learn the ins-and-outs of our brand, voice and style. In the guide you will find colors, logos, information on our trademarks, social media practices and even templates!

Looking for a Resource?

Want to use an asset and need some assistance, unsure if a design aligns with the brand, or see something weird somewhere? Email the NACURH Associate for Engagement and they will help you out!

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