Advancement & Alumni

The Alumni Listserv

We are in the process of developing NACURH's first alumni listserv. To ensure we have the most complete information, please fill out the form on the link below. If you have any questions, please email Danielle at

Alumni List Serv Signup

The Advancement Society

As part of NACURH's 2015 Strategic Planning efforts we are revamping our alumni network and advancement branch of NACURH. 

Through this process we have transformed our Association of Alumni & Friends of NACURH (AAFN) into The Advancement Society. As outlined on the right you can see the four different levels of support. All previous inductees of AAFN will be grandfathered into the Gold Level of the Advancement Society.

The purpose of the Advancement Society is to establish and recognize those who make individual contributions to NACURH, Inc., by providing an avenue to recognize them for their leadership in NACURH by donating on their behalf and generating interest money to support NACURH leadership development, recognition, scholarships, grants, honorariums and general financial support.

Starting in 2016 we will inducting new individuals to the Advancement Society. Any individual who pledges support of $100 or more will be inducted into the Advancement Society similar to the AAFN Process. Institutions, RHA's, NRHH Chapters etc. will still be able to induct individuals as a form of recognition. 

Induction information can be found on the left by clicking the Induction Form

Alumni Involvement

There are many ways alumni of NACURH and NRHH can stay involved with NACURH and ensure the future of the organization. Check out the list:

    • Subscribe to the Alumni Listserv
    • Donate to NACURH, Inc.
    • Support/Mentor young residential student leaders
    • Shop on
    • Share your experience 
    • Follow and engage with us on Social Media
    • Share your historical insight
    • Come back to the Annual Conference when available
    • Encourage institutions to host conferences
    • Serve as role model for student leaders
    • Write a testimonial about your experiences


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