IACURH 2021-2022 Regional Board of Directors


IACURH Regional Website:

Ally Rodriguez-Marshall, Regional Director
Colorado State University

Email: ia_director@nacurh.org

Alex Godfrey, Associate Director Administration & Finance

University of Northern Colorado
Email: ia_adaf@nacurh.org

Lauren Gaiser, Associate Director for NRHH

Colorado State University

Email: ia_adnrhh@nacurh.org

Vacant, Coordinating Officer for NCC Training & Development


Jay Ostberg, Coordinating Officer for Presidential Relations & RHA Development

University of Arizona

Email: ia_rharelations@nacurh.org

Vacant, Coordinating Officer for Service & NRHH

Email: ia_ncctraining@nacurh.org

Madison Cook, Coordinating Officer for Marketing & Technology

University of Arizona

Email: ia_service@nacurh.org 

Devin Martinez, 2022 Regional Leadership Conference Chair

Northern Arizona University

Email: ia_conf@nacurh.org

Emma Gosselin, 2023 Regional Business Conference Chair

Brigham Young University

Email: ia_businessconf@nacurh.org

Kam Attia, Regional Advisor

Arizona State University - Tempe

Email: ia_advisor@nacurh.org

Vacant, Regional NRHH Advisor

Email: ia_nrhhadvisor@nacurh.org

Shane Guinan, Regional ART Coordinator

University of Colorado Boulder
Email: ia_art@nacurh.org


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