Advisor Retention & Training

Housed under NACURH, the Advisor Retention & Training Program has been developed with various advisor needs in mind. ART currently consists of a 29 session curriculum, covering a variety of topics that you can explore during a virtual training, at the NACURH Annual or a Regional conference near you! The ART program has experiential requirements that will enable you to apply what you have learned in the "classroom", to what you will encounter as an advisor. Advance through the levels by attending all the sessions and completing the necessary experiential requirements.

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Upcoming ART Trainings

NACURH 2022 ART Sessions

ART Sessions are open and available to all advisors whether they plan to attend the NACURH 2022 Annual Conference!

Please see below for which sessions will be presented.




 Session Title


6/23/2022  3:00pm EDT  Parliamentary Procedure
6/24/2022  4:00pm EDT  Understanding Organizational Structure
6/24/2022  4:00pm EDT  Leadership Development
6/24/2022  4:00pm EDT  Legal Issues and Risk Management
6/24/2022  5:00pm EDT  Event Program Planning
6/24/2022  5:00pm EDT  Group Development Theory
6/24/2022  5:00pm EDT  Motivation and Recognition
6/24/2022  5:00pm EDT  Connecting your Institution to NACURH (Working with NCC & NRHH Reps)
 6/25/2022  1:00pm EDT  Inclusivity and Diversity
 6/25/2022  1:00pm EDT  Leadership Development
 6/25/2022  1:00pm EDT  Budget and Financial Management
 6/25/2022  2:00pm EDT  Motivation & Recognition
 6/25/2022  2:00pm EDT  Parliamentary Procedure
 6/25/2022  2:00pm EDT  Advising NRHH
 6/25/2022  4:00pm EDT  Recruitment and Retention
 6/25/2022  4:00pm EDT  Becoming a Master of Your Campus Resources
 6/25/2022  4:00pm EDT  Bid Writing
 6/25/2022  5:00pm EDT  Understanding Organizational Structure
 6/25/2022  5:00pm EDT  Role of the Organizational Advisor
 6/25/2022  5:00pm EDT  Introduction to Student Development Theory
 6/26/2022  2:00pm EDT  Budgets and Financial Management
 6/26/2022  2:00pm EDT  Event Programming
 6/26/2022  2:00pm EDT  Bringing it Back
 6/26/2022  3:00pm EDT  Group Development Theory
 6/26/2022  3:00pm EDT  Inclusivity and Diversity
 6/26/2022  3:00pm EDT  Student Advocacy

ART Curriculum Fellow Position

The ART Standards Committee is in search of applicants for the newly created ART Curriculum Fellow position!

Please read below for the position summary, primary responsibilities, qualifications, and how to apply.

Position Summary

The Curriculum Fellow is a volunteer position within NACURH, Inc. The Fellow will serve in a term either from NACURH Annual Conference to NACURH Annual Conference or at a modified period determined by the ART Coordinator for Curriculum / ART Consultant. The Fellow will report to the ART Coordinator for Curriculum and support in the development, review, editing, and consultation of the ART Curriculum. The Fellow will support the technical elements of the curriculum by enacting the vision of the Committee. 

Primary Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Implement goals and priorities as outlined in the ART Strategic Plan
  • Support the development of ART Curriculum through writing facilitation guides, editing content, and designing supporting materials
  • Assist in the publication of ART Tracks
  • Review the ART Curriculum and provide consultation on the existing curriculum
  • Develop recommendations for the future of the ART Curriculum
  • Conduct the scheduled review of ART Tracks as prescribed by the ART Coordinator for Curriculum / ART Consultant 
  • Produce a transition report at the conclusion of the fellowship
  • Attend standing meetings of the ART Curriculum Committee
  • Attend monthly 1:1 with the ART Coordinator for Curriculum
  • Other duties as assigned  

Scheduled Hours

Negotiable. Minimum: 4-6 Hrs. / Month


This is a volunteer position. Fellows may utilize the experience for use within a graduate program (practicum, internship, fellowship, etc.). 


Required: Bachelor’s degree. Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to effectively work with others. 

Preferred: Master’s degree in Curriculum, Higher Education Administration, College Student Personnel or Counseling and/or previous graduate or professional work experience in Student Affairs or similar field of study. Demonstrated interest or experience with teaching and/or curriculum development in higher education settings.

How to Apply

Applications for the Curriculum Fellow position, including the timeline can be found here.

Contact Information

Advisor Retention & Training (ART) Consultant James 
ART Curriculum Coordinator Rick Cazzato Jr.
ART Collaboration Coordinator Steven Sweat
ART Communication Coordinator Raechel Kepner
NACURH ART Liaison Jamie Lloyd
CAACURH ART CoordinatorTiffany Schmidt
GLACURH ART Coordinator Zac Birch
IACURH ART Coordinator  Blake Guinan
MACURH ART Coordinator  Jameson Nogowski
NEACURH ART Coordinator  David Benevides
PACURH ART Coordinator  Andrew Bell
SAACURH ART Coordinator  Alicia Luc
SWACURH ART Coordinator  Jess Webb


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