Advisor Retention & Training

Housed under NACURH, the Advisor Retention & Training Program has been developed with various advisor needs in mind. ART currently consists of a 29 session curriculum, covering a variety of topics that you can explore during a virtual training, at the NACURH Annual or a Regional conference near you! The ART program has experiential requirements that will enable you to apply what you have learned in the "classroom", to what you will encounter as an advisor. Advance through the levels by attending all the sessions and completing the necessary experiential requirements.

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Upcoming ART Trainings

Spring 2022 ART Sessions

There are currently no ART Sessions being held.

Please come back to this page in the future to see what is being facilitated!


Session Zoom Invite 

Contact Information

Advisor Retention & Training (ART) Consultant James 
ART Curriculum Coordinator Rick Cazzato Jr.
ART Collaboration Coordinator Steven Sweat
ART Communication Coordinator Raechel Kepner
NACURH ART Liaison Jamie Lloyd
CAACURH ART CoordinatorTiffany Schmidt
GLACURH ART Coordinator Zac Birch
IACURH ART Coordinator  Blake Guinan
MACURH ART Coordinator  Jameson Nogowski
NEACURH ART Coordinator  David Benevides
PACURH ART Coordinator  Andrew Bell
SAACURH ART Coordinator  Alicia Luc
SWACURH ART Coordinator  Jess Webb


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