Resource File Index
National Association of College and University Residence Halls
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The Resource File Index contains several thousand documents written by students from member schools over the fifty-year history of NACURH. For convenience, the RFI is divided into several categories. These categories contain all of the reports submitted by member schools each year, broken down by topic area. There are other documents, such as award bids, that the NIC receives as well. Schools can access the resources and download an unlimited number of files. Schools which are not fully affiliated may also order, but do not receive the free allotment and have a surcharge associated to each order.
AlcoholNew and existing policies concerning alcohol as well as surveys on alcohol consumption from various campuses. existing policies concerning alcohol along with surveys on alcohol consumption from various campuses.
Alcohol Awareness ProgrammingProgramming which is specifically aimed at alcohol awareness and consumption.
ApathyProgramming and suggestions to combat negative attitudes and lack of enthusiasm in the residence halls.
Architectural FacilitiesResearch and construction of new buildings and renovations of old halls.
Alternative LifestylesProgramming dealing with alternative lifestyles.
Awards and ScholarshipsA section explaining awards, scholarships, recognition programs, and other incentives for students on your campus.
Comprehensive EvaluationA section comprised of surveys dealing with many areas of interest on campus and in the residence hall system including recreational facilities, enrollment, and academic courses.
Conference PlanningThe planning, implementation, and wrap-ups of many different types of conferences from NACURH conferences to state and regional conferences.
ConstitutionConstitutions and how they are written, revised and used.
DamagesDealing with many types of damages and ways to stop or repair them.
FacultyA closer look at some campus' attempts to bring students and faculty together through closer interaction on either a social basis or through an exchange program.
Finances and BudgetsHow to finance an RHA, activity fees and how to use them, student banks, and budgeting.
Food ServicesA section comprised of Files dealing with many of the aspects of food service that concern students, and programming involving food service.
FundraisingA wide array of fund raising programs used on other campuses including long-term, on-going programs and one night "quick" programs.
General RegulationsCampus policies and legislation on subjects such as lofts, appliances, firearms, and other areas.
Judicial SystemsA closer look at judicial systems and policies from other campuses around the nation.
Leaderships Training and DevelopmentLeadership training and development, workshops on leadership skills, ways to deal with other organizations, and proper ways to work within your group.
Legal QuestionsLegal problems and questions in the hall, in RHA, and on campus.
Living and Learning ConeceptsExploring new and different ways to learn about different areas and subjects by experiencing them through your environment.
NCC's Additional InformationMiscellaneous information pertaining to the duties of the NCC such as organizing a delegation, filing systems, workbooks, and conference planning.
AdvisorsSuggestions to advisors about their roles and responsibilities.
NewslettersMany different approaches to resident awareness through newsletters are used on a lot of campuses.
NRHH ChaptersStarting and running such a worthwhile organization on your campus as well as files on programs sponsored by NRHH chapters.
Occupancy and RecruitmentVarious aspects of residence halls occupancy and campus recruitment including high school visitations, on-campus living requirements, overcrowding, and other areas give you the answers that other campuses have come up with.
Orientation"How to's" and ideas for orientation in many areas from freshman students, resident assistants, academics, to RHA and hall executive officers.
How To's, Ideas, and PublicityAreas of programming which are not involved in the actual program itself, such as brainstorming for ideas, putting those ideas in motion, and publicizing the events.
Athletic ProgrammingAthletic programming from bowling, boxing, and basketball to mock olympics.
Community ServicePrograms for raising money for a charity or donating time to a community organization.
DiversityPrograms dealing with academics and some current issues as well as programs targeted for foreign residents.
Energy AwarenessThese programs are on topics such as conservation and recycling of paper and aluminum.
Family ProgrammingProgramming dealing with parents and sibling weekends and visits.
Radio, TV, Movies, and ComputersThe availability of this type of programming in the halls and some of the concerns involved.
RHA PromotionsRHA weeks and other ways that your RHA can promote itself to residents and the entire campus.
Social ProgrammingDances, theme parties, social, and other programs which offer fun times to meet new people.
Recreational ProgrammingPrograms including outdoor festivals, roommate games, and casino nights.
Residence Hall ImprovementsThe many ways of improving residence halls, such as room painting policies.
Residence Halls Student StaffPerspectives on the various aspects of the RA position along with different types of student staff positions.
RHA / Student GovernmentThe approaches of other campuses to form, structure, and/or organize RHA governments.
SecurityPrograms and procedures used on other campuses that deal with campus security.
State AssociationsState associations; how they are formed and operated.
Student InterestsA wide variety of information on subjects that concern students and residents, such as stress management, racial issues, women's roles, special interest teams, drug abuse, student health, physical fitness, and many more.
TransportationVarious aspects of transportation such as buses, bicycles, and parking that effect campuses.
VisitationVarious types of visitation policies, such as open house, 24 hour visitation, extended lounge visitation hours, and escort policies.
First Year Experience ProgramsPrograms and activities designed specifically for first year students.
Banquets and CeremoniesPrograms of the banquet type nature typically used for recognition.
Awards, Programs, and Other This category lists all of the awards and files NACURH collects that are different than the other RFI category files.