NACURH Services and Recognition Office

Welcome to the NACURH Services and Recognition Office (NSRO)! Our purpose is to manage the non-technical services of NACURH. Well what does that mean? Simply put we coordinate many of the services offered for all the affiliated schools in NACURH and its eight affiliated regions, including the Of-The-Month (OTM) program and all NACURH and NRHH merchandise. Our office works very closely with the National Board of Directors, NRHH National Board, and of course the most important people we work with and for are the member schools of NACURH!

The NSRO is now proudly hosted by Kent State University! Our staff hopes to proudly serve NACURH the best way possible, and we will be rolling out some new services for use by our member schools. The office will be ready to accept new orders on September 6th, 2013! If you have any questions regarding who we are or what we do, please contact one of our helpful staff members!

NACURH Services and Recognition Office
Department of Residence Services
Kent State University
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, Ohio 44242

Office Phone: (330) 672-4022

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-Noon EST
Tuesday, Thursday- 12:30pm to 5pm EST


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