Affiliating your school

NACURH is an amazing organization and we always try to get more schools involved. In order to be fully involved with NACURH you’ll need to be officially affiliated with us.

Why affiliate with NACURH?

There are many perks of being affiliated with NACURH, like:
• Getting a discount at regional and national conferences
• Voting and having official representation in the organization
• Connecting with schools via NACURH’s exclusive social network – heyNACURH!
• Perusing the Resource File Index (RFI) for ideas on enhancing residential life on your campus
• Being able to submit and win award bids for the great work you do
• Access to the benefits of all NACURH corporate sponsorships
• Access to all NACURH newsletters

So what are you waiting for? Here’s how to go about getting your school affiliated:

Step 1: Log in to the website

The first thing you will need to do is sign into the webpage, Enter your username and password on the left hand toolbar. (Hint: your username is the name of your school.) Each school is assigned its own login, so the login information should pass down from NCC to NCC, but if you’re not sure of your password or if you have any difficulties don’t hesitate to email the NIC AD of Affiliations at or the NIC AD of Technology at

Step 2: Start your online affiliation process

To start the affiliations process after you’ve logged in, click on the “affiliate online” link in the tool bar at the left hand side of the home screen. You will then be guided through the entire affiliations process.

There are several pieces of information required to affiliate:
• School information (name, address, etc.)
• RHA information (name, website, fax etc.)
• NRHH information (name, website, fax, etc.)
• Contact information (name, phone number and email for RHA president, NCC,
• RHA advisor, NRHH president and NRHH advisor)
• RFI report (**If you are new school, you will not be prompted to submit one**)
• NRHH constitution
• NRHH active members list

Step 3: Send in your payment

You can choose to either mail us your check, hand it to us at conference, or pay online via PayPal. Please make sure your check is for the correct amount ($35 for associate membership, $85 for small schools, $110 for large) and is written out to NACURH, Inc.

Step 4: Wait for the NIC to verify your information

After you submit your final application, all your affiliation documentation will be rushed to the NIC to make sure everything is A OK. You can always check on the status of your school’s application by signing into the website and clicking the “Your School’s Affiliation” link in the left hand tool bar. If there are any problems with any of your
information, your NIC rep will write detailed notes on what’s wrong and how to fix it which can be visible through this page.

Step 5: Enjoy being affiliated!

If you have any further questions or concerns about the online affiliation system, please don’t hesitate to contact the NIC AD of Affiliations at