NACURH stands for the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. The operating structure of NACURH is comprised of eight regional affiliates and one corporate office. Each region is responsible for all schools in their respective area. The office, known as the NACURH Corporate Office (NCO), handles various association-wide responsibilities.

On the regional level, each region is led by a Regional Board of Directors (RBD) elected by the school representatives from that region. Each Regional Director and the Finance Officer also sit on the NACURH Board of Directors (NBD).

The NBD is comprised of the Regional Director and Finance Officer from each region and Corporate Office, as well as three NACURH executives elected by the NBD from their own ranks. These executives are the NACURH Chairperson, the NACURH Associate for Finance, and the NACURH Associate for Administration. In addition, the NBD Liaison from the NACURH Annual Conference staff, the Conference Resource Consultant, and the NACURH Advisor also sit on the board. In most circumstances, each of the eight regions receive one vote, with the office and executives participating in debate. For more details, please refer to the NACURH Bylaws and Policy Book.

Mission Statement

As an organization, NACURH empowers, motivates, and equips residence hall leaders by providing them with skills and resources in order for them to excel and positively impact their campus communities.

Vision Statement

The National Association of College and University Residence Halls, NACURH Inc, seeks to create a network of engaged citizens sharing common experiences through residential leadership opportunities.


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