Association of Alumni and Friends of NACURH

In January, 1982, the NACURH National Board of Directors (NBD) approved a resolution authorizing a NACURH alumni association. This brochure was designed to introduce the “Association of Alumni and Friends of NACURH (AAFN)” to the general membership.

For a minimum contribution of $100 to the NACURH reserve fund that was established, any individual may join the association. Contributions to the association will not be spent; however, interest monies generated from this reserve fund will be available for current needs if necessary. It is anticipated that interest monies will ultimately be used for leadership development and recognition scholarships once the initial membership goal is realized.

The primary benefit to any individual who joins will be recognition of support. The individual’s name, institution of choice, and year of personal significance will be published as part of the conference program along with appropriate recognition at the annual conference closing awards banquet each year. In addition, this brochure will be annually updated, distributed at national and regional conferences, and sent to all individuals on the alumni and friends mailing list. It is anticipated that this will generate symbolic as well as actual support of NACURH by individuals who were active in NACURH or from other professionals who were active as advisors but are no longer able to attend our annual conference. Members of the alumni and friends association will receive an invitation to attend and be recognized at each annual NACURH Conference.

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